Windows Aluminium Capping

Who Are We?

Glass Windows and Doors Repair Hamilton is a legally registered business in Hamilton Ontario, Canada that deals in the repair, replacement, and installation of windows, window glass likewise doors. We registered under the state laws of Ontario Canada about four years ago and have had a record of servicing over two hundred businesses in Hamilton Ontario.

We are a locally oriented business that has built its brand on integrity, excellence, and good customer relations. Our services are not exorbitant because we believe access to quality widows for security purposes should not plumage you into debt or make you take a financial nosedive.

Being a customer-centered business, we are particular about our customer satisfaction and customer relations so we perform our services on an individual basis. This factor has helped us as a business to grow and has ensured our clients are endeared to us so much that they have left customer reviews and recommendations.

Our Mode of Service Operations

At Glass Windows and Doors Repair Hamilton, ON, we have a response system unique to us alone. Once you reach out to us via phone call or our website, we respond within the hour and complete all operations within forty-eight hours.


At first, our handy persons show up at your house or workplace and inspect the windows in need of aluminum capping. We determine whether or not the frames are in good condition to be caped, If not, we alert the client and enlighten him/her on the need to change or repair the frame or windows to be capped in aluminum.


We draft the total costs of all it will take to handle the window aluminum capping and then deliver it to the client. We discuss the costs and also if there is a budget, we are open to working within its confines.


We begin work on your Windows and complete it within forty-eight hours or less. Our Handymen are to coat the window frames in aluminum twice for maximum efficiency and durability.


Once done, we check for the client’s satisfaction, make changes where necessary, and then deliver a bill, and a warranty.Our warranty is legally binding unless the damage was caused by external factors.