Caulking and Sealing, Hamilton, ON.

Do you have leaky or drafty windows?
How about foggy windows?
If yes, you probably had high figures on the energy bill this month isn’t that so?

You don’t have to struggle with keeping rain from seeping in through your window on rainy days nor do you have to worry about having all the heat or air conditioning go out anymore. Prevent all of this as well as reduce the figures on your energy bill by caulking and sealing your windows today.

For your window caulking and sealing in Hamilton, contact Glass Windows and Doors Repair Hamilton at +(289) 273-4483 today.

Who are we?

At Glass and Windows Repair Hamilton, we are a local window business service in Hamilton Ontario Canada. We deal in the repair, replacement, installation, and basic maintenance of windows and doors. We have been in service operations for nearly four years and have served a total of two hundred and thirty residents of Hamilton Ontario Canada.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver stellar quality windows services so much so that we have never had an unsatisfied client, but only a happily satisfied client, and this is seen in our numerous reviews and even more constant recommendations.

At Glass Windows and Doors Repair, Hamilton ON, we are aware of the importance of having safe windows and the roles we play in delivering the services and products of a major security factor. As so, we understand that we are responsible for a large part of security and we do not compromise on delivering. We shun mediocre services and teach our workers to do the same so we can ring a certain degree of excellence into your home.

Window Lock Repairs, Hamilton, ON.

Why Caulking & Sealing?

You may want to save a few bucks by opting for a do-it-yourself window caulking and sealing to your windows, but this isn’t entirely efficient and the risks are rather high.

  • Unprofessional approaches to window caulking and sealing are often messy and mediocre. You may damage some parts of your home and window area by spilling the caulking agents and still end up doing not so good a job.
  • Unprofessional approaches to window caulking and sealing are not so thorough. The professionals understand the need for each window exterior and interior as well as parts of the room, you would not get this by doing a DIY approach.

Instead, call on the professionals at Glass Windows and Doors Repair Hamilton for your one-off window caulking and sealing.

Our Window Caulking and Sealing Services at Glass Windows and Doors Repair, Hamilton ON.

At Glass Windows and Doors Hamilton, we offer all kinds of window and glass services including window maintenance like Window Caulking and Sealing.


We offer window caulking and sealing for exterior windows; our caulking agents for the exterior differ from the ones for the interior. We offer deeper and stronger caulking to seal the window exterior.


We offer window caulking and sealing for the interior windows; for interior windows, the caulking agents should be lighter so as for the sealing, our experts are well trained in those two.

Flawless Service

We offer window caulking and sealing for distinct parts; areas that emit a lot of heat like the kitchen should have light caulking and that is just what we do.

At Glass Windows and Doors repair Hamilton, we are particular about excellently delivered services and as such, we only use silicone to caulk and seal the windows unless otherwise stated by the client.

Our Services

Why You Should Choose Us at Glass Windows and Doors Repair Hamilton for your Window Caulking and Sealing?


Our handymen are expertly trained to ensure not just flawless caulking services, but also to do very neat jobs.


We are accessible round the clock and our services are highly affordable.

Emergency Service

We offer same-day emergency services also


We are thorough; having a different caulk and seal plan for each window.

Get the professionals on the job for a one-off Window Caulking and Sealing. Call us at Window Glass and Doors Repair today. Call us at +(289) 273-4483