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Your window locks are just as important as the doors at your front locks and the locks at every other door in the home. Although a break in through the windows attract much attention, it is often one of the many ways burglars break in. Fortify your window locks today by calling us Glass Windows and Doors Repair Hamilton today.

At Glass Windows and Doors Repair we have the best locksmiths in all of Hamilton, to provide you with the best of security you and us can always trust.

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Window Lock Repairs, Scarborough, ON.

Who are we?

Glass Window and Doors Repair is a business involved in the sale of, installation of, repair and replacement of windows and window products. We are registered under the state laws of Ontario Canada and are certified to serve the residents of Hamilton Ontario in all of their window service and products.

Widows and Glass Locks Security.

At Glass Windows and Doors Repair Hamilton, for added security we provide the following services;

Window locks Repair

If you have previously installed window locks and they have gone faulty, we offer to repair them. If your latch and key locks don’t stay in place or your pivot locks just won’t budge, we could fix them, all it takes is a simple call.

Window Locks Replacement

We offer to replace bad or old locks that undermine your home or office security. If you would also like some extra added security for whatsoever reason, we offer to replace your old latch and key locks to newer and more secure window locks.

Window locks Installation

For homes, cars and even workplaces we offer to install new window locks in place.

Sale of window locks

In our collection, we have a plethora of window locks for you to choose from and purchase from.

Formulation and customization of window locks

For clients that make demands, we could also formulate specialized and exclusive locks for added security.

How to access our services;

You could always access our services by coming over to our place at Insert address or otherwise place a phone call and have us at your place in Hamilton within the hour. Call us at +(289) 273-4483

Accessing the lock

Our handymen access your locks and then advise you on the best of options available.

Other Locks

We also introduce you to other kinds of locks as well as their features and benefits.


We draft a quotation or your window locks repair and come to an agreement with the client.


We began to work and then when we are done, we tender a bill as well as a warranty.

Why Choose Us?

Why should you choose us at Glass Windows and Doors Repair Hamilton?

  • We have expertly trained locksmiths to repair and formulate your window locks and you can be reassured your security isn’t undermines.
  • We typically respond to your call within an hour and complete all repairs within twenty four hours.
  • Our services and expertise is vast and there is no kind of lock we cannot work with, no matter how archaic or modern.

Take control by improving on your home security today. Call us at Glass Windows and Doors Repair Hamilton.