Window Replacements

Get top-notch quality windows replacement in Hamilton by simply contacting Glass Windows and Doors Repair Today!

If you are planning to remodel your home, your windows and doors should not be left out as they are one of the most functional parts of the home also, seeking to replace your archaic windows with modern ones, and you do not have enough time or are stuck up for whatever reasons. Finances, schedule, or not generally sure where to get the best deals in window products and services?

Meet Glass and Windows Repair Guy, we solely exist to bring your windows to life by providing you with safer, neater, and more functional windows by repair, installation, and replacement.

Call us at Glass Windows & Doors Repair Hamilton today, and let us handle your window glass repair. +(289) 273-4483

Who are We?

Glass Windows and Doors Repair Hamilton is a registered business registered under the state laws of Ontario Canada and licensed to deliver window and glass services like repair, installation, and even basic replacements.

We have been in existence for the past three years and we have built our brand on the values of work which are; professionalism, efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Using these values, we have served about two hundred and thirty people in the town, ranging from residential to commercial areas and even car owners.

We take Security very seriously at Glass Windows & Doors Repair Hamilton. A faulty window is one that cannot make for adequate security and it may be as inefficient as having no windows at all and as such, we ensure all our window products and services are of top quality to provide adequate security.

We at Glass Windows & Doors Repair Hamilton believe we have exempted ourselves from the competition and are your best choice for Broken Windows Replacement because;

  • We have a track record for providing the best window glass repair in all of Hamilton. This is not just a ploy to market our services, we have quite a several reviews to attest to this and we also provide two to three recently concluded jobs on demand.
  • We deliver all our services promptly and correctly, all our jobs are scheduled to be completed in under two days or less.
  • We offer a warranty for all window services delivered and all window products sold. This is legally binding.
  • We are highly affordable and we have flexible payment plans.
  • Our customer relations are impeccable.
  • We can work and deliver the customer's desires with or without supervision.

Mode of operation

Upon receiving your call,


We deploy a team of handymen to your workplace or home. And check out your windows.

Assessment & Agreement

We provide you with a free assessment of what you need. And draft a quotation upon reaching an agreement.


We offer you a warranty for the window glass and all other services purchased. This is to indemnify you against loss on your investment.