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Are they jammed, are they feeling brittle, opening them is a task, locking them is next to impossible because the latch keeps sliding open, isn’t it?

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About Us.

Glass Windows and Doors Repair Hamilton ON is a registered window and Doors business service registered under the state laws of Ontario Canada to aid the people in their windows repair, replacement, and windows installation in exchange for a fee.

We have been in existence for about three years and we have a record of serving over two hundred and thirty residents in their window and glass needs. These residents are not limited to residential areas alone, but they also extend towards Car window repair in Hamilton, commercial window repairs, and even public center window repairs.

We deal in all kinds of windows, formulate and sell window products as well as deliver handyman services. We are committed to contributing to the security of Hamilton and as such, our window services do not fall below par. Our brand is a hundred percent committed to attaining ultimate customer satisfaction on all jobs.


Glass Repair

We offer glass repairs for cracks, chips, age, hinges, and all other kinds of window repair for the following kinds of glass; acrylic glass, low e emitters, tempered glass doors, obscure glass, et cetera.

Window Repair

We repair all forms of windows, archaic or modern ranging from casement style windows to wooden windows, vinyl windows car windows et cetera.

Window Parts Repair

We offer repair on the following window parts; locks, cranks, handles, hinges, and even upgrades like caulking and sealing and aluminum capping.


We complete our job and then check for satisfaction from the client.
We offer a warranty on all services rendered. This is legally binding provided the damage was not caused by external factors and was in fact as a result of a slip up from our end

Why Choose Glass Window and Doors Repair Guy Hamilton for Your Window Repair

If you ever need a window repair in Hamilton, Glass Windows and Doors Repair guy should be your go to window business service because we;


Are registered under the trade laws of Ontario Canada.


We have distinguished ourselves from other businesses in less than five years of operations as a customer-centered business with a penchant for excellent quality.


We provide references for two to three recently completed jobs on demand if you require validation of our service.


We offer a legally binding warranty on all our services rendered. This warranty can be called upon whenever within the stipulated dates.


We have enough workmanship; this ensures we can effectively manage large jobs and emergency windows repair without doing a rushed work” or reducing quality.


We use only ecologically friendly materials for all our windows and glass repair.

Join a much safer and therefore, much happier community of people in Hamilton who have had their security heightened by enlisting one or more of our services at Glass Windows and Doors Repair, call us today at +(289) 273-4483